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With its higher exhaust velocities and greater specific impulse, a nuclear rocket could carry larger payloads or smaller payloads at greater speeds. Today, as the hazards of spaceflight are better known, such engines are particularly attractive because they could cut months off a trip to Mars, resulting in less exposure time of astronauts to weightlessness and cosmic rays.

NASA looks at reviving atomic rocket program

In addition, once on Mars, the engine's reactor could provide a round-the-clock, high-density power supply for an outpost. Under the NERVA project, a workable engine was developed, but it was never used on any space mission. Today, with NASA once again considering the challenges of sending astronauts to Mars, the nuclear option is back on the table as part of the agency's Game Changing Development program. This will provide a number of advantages.

The Flag of Mars and Rods from God: Citation Needed 1x08

Not only is it safer than the highly enriched fuel, but the security arrangements are less burdensome, and the handling regulations are the same as those of a university research reactor. In addition, LEU allows much of the testing of the technology to be done without any fuel at all because the destructive radiation effects are much lower.

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Also, the initial live engine tests can take place in a single, closed-loop facility that has no outlet to the natural environment. Key to the concept is the development of an isotopically pure form of tungsten that, mixed with uranium, could be used to create a ceramic-metallic Cermet fuel, which would be more stable under the tremendous heat created by the engine.

Under the contract, BMXT and NASA will manufacture and test prototype Cermet fuel elements with percent pure tungsten, as well as look to solve problems in making the fuel, seeing if an LEU engine will have the required thrust, and work on resolving nuclear licensing and regulatory requirements. In addition, BMXT will study the costs of building and operating such an engine.

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If NASA determines next month that the LEU engine is feasible, the project will conduct testing and refine the manufacturing process of the Cermet fuel elements over the course of a year, with testing of the full-length Cermet fuel rods to be conducted at Marshall. Source: NASA. The video below outlines the new LEU engine concept.

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    Assembly of drill extension rods

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