The Orange Earth

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When bathtub ring-style formations happen on Earth, they result from solids "dropping out" of a liquid as it evaporates. Benzyne is a common enough molecule on Earth, present in gasoline, but in this supercooled chamber, the substance's hexagonal molecules wrapped themselves around ethane molecules and formed crystals.

Based on what's known about Titan's composition, this acetylene-butane crystal is probably much more common on Titan, the researchers said in their statement. This experiment demonstrates that under Titan-like conditions, bathtub rings of hydrocarbon crystals can form. That doesn't mean those crystals are forming similar rings on Titan, however.

Mysterious 'Bathtub Rings' of Titan Replicated on Earth

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The drama tells the story of a coloured man who plants a bomb in a supermarket and is then prosecuted and jailed for this deed of terror. During the trial and in his prison cell he has an ongoing conversation through flashbacks with the past, specifically the key moments that determined his identity and his resistance.

The climax of the drama is a conversation — a confrontation — in the prison cell in which the detainee, his wife and his father, as well as the Afrikaans warden, participate. This climax revolves around the perception that the captive and warden are separated but also joined by that which determines their respective identities. What is at stake is our language, our church, our land.

PRODUCTION: Ukrainian/Lithuanian The Earth is Blue as an Orange in Production -

It is therefore very significant that this drama, is now also being published in Afrikaans Goree. Adam Small was born on 21 December in Wellington. He then attended the Afrikaans English.