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Book cover: An authentic exposition of the Knights of the Golden Circle, A history of secession from to The members of the organization were infuriated by the increase of abolitionism in the United States, and they wanted to preserve the awful culture of slavery. Some contemporary historians suggest that Jesse James, the famous outlaw, and John Wilkes Booth, the notorious assassinator of the abolitionist President Abraham Lincoln, were members of the organization. Since both men were outspoken pro-Confederates and known for their extreme and violent behavior, their alleged involvement with the Knights of the Golden Circle is highly presumable.

Before the American Civil War, the organization included members from several Southern states and used political propaganda for the spread of its ideology. A recognized, soft Science, with Hard Facts!

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One Fact proven by all Sciences is; Energy, in any form, cannot be destroyed, only transforms into 'something' else! Spirits are known Energy Sources, there by 'Cannot'!! If a Scientific Therm, can be proven, over and over, with the same results it becomes a Theory, Theories survive the 'test' of time; Newton's Law of Gravity yes, there was Gravity before Newton, I think? But, it was not a Law of Physics! Accepted by Societies, from then to now! This will be the same with Quantum Science, study it and learn there is no 'Earthly Time Line' and no other Man Kind Species but one, and there is only One God Spirit , with many names, spelled differently, still the same!

Some of us has chosen Jesus Christ into our Souls, there by 'welcoming' the Holy Spirit of God into our Bodies, our bodies who accepted, now contains two Spirits, not just one. There are,. The story tells of a gold stash hidden in the Wichita's, not the Ouachita's - they are two different mountain ranges. However, the story here relates to the route that they took. The gold stashed in the Wichita Mountains has been well documented, however, many people aren't aware of how much of a role that eastern Oklahoma has played in the lives of these outlaws.

In , Texas was still a young state. Once part of Mexico, the state still had a lot of Spanish influence. It is unknown where the exact spot of the robbery occurred, but if I had to guess, it was close to the border of Texas and Mexico. It would be interesting to know, but that's one of those details that we may never find out.

However, it is known that there were still a couple Spanish mines in operation in the Wichita mountains at the time, so it could be possible that the gold being transported was from those mines. After the robbery, the gang headed across Texas and into what is now Oklahoma. Winter stopped them while they were traveling through the Wichitas, but most likely they were headed further east into modern-day LeFlore County.

They were forced to remain in the Wichita Mountains until the weather let up. The burros that they led were most likely "used up" and died there, which forced the gang to leave the gold. From the Wichita Mountains, the gang then headed east towards the Robbers Cave area - which is known to be a place that they favored. Since Cole Younger was with the group, this seems very likely.

From other stories, it is known that they would find a place to hide, wait a few days in order to make sure that nobody was following, and then move on. From Robbers Cave, they probably ventured to Younger's Bend, which was another outlaw "hotspot". During this time, the U. Marshals were pretty lax in their efforts to catch criminals in the Indian Territory. In fact, it wasn't until when Judge Parker came to Fort Smith that things slowly began to change.

The Marshals resisted at first, but by the early 's they were on the same page with Parker and went all-out in order to catch the outlaws that roamed Indian Territory. The story relates to the entire route that Jesse James and his gang took during this particular robbery. Allanon, Ya know, that's something that I didn't know.

I just assumed that metal detectors could be used anywhere. I would guess that anyone out looking for Jesse James treasure, or any other treasure for that matter, had best check the laws first. Thanks for the info! They left out one important fact. It is illegal in Oklahoma to use metal detectors in a State Park.

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Perhaps that is why it was made into one, so that the state will find the gold, before some individual. Pachuca, that's awesome! Well, not that they were killed or anything, but.. If you could trace all of that down, I'm sure you'd find some pretty wild stories!

Pawn Stars - Top Secret - History

My mother said that somewhere in our family line one of our relatives found out that we were related to two brothers who used to run with Jesse James' crew. They were inevetably both killed in a bar fight shoot out. I guess that's where I get my temper. Very interesting thank you!

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Too many names on the bucket, for that treasure to still be there. One never does know though, he was a James!

Gra, thanks for stopping by.. I'm sure people go there with all sorts of devices to find the treasure - but, I think it's already been found a long time ago. There are so many stories about this fabled Jesse James treasure that its hard to tell fact from fiction. I tried my best to be as accurate as I can here, but one can only go off of what's documented. The stories about his stolen gold are as numerous as there are grains of sand on the beach - still, this story is one of the few that there has been actual proof to support it. One never knows, there may be a ton of gold buried in Oklahoma, and people could walk past it everyday.

This is some great information, as I've long wondered about Jesse James and where he supposedly hid his gold. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc.

As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, owlcation. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Eric Standridge more. On the side of the bucket, Jesse etched out these words: "This the 5th day of March, , in the year of our Lord, , we the undersigned do this day organize a bounty bank.

Somewhere deep in the Wichita Mountains, a hoard of gold bullion still remains undiscovered. The studies had three phases: Group formation, in which the members of groups got to know each others, social norms developed, and leadership and structure emerged. Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. Answer: That's part of the legend. Helpful 8. I edited this article to provide a little more clarification.

Jesse James’ Secret Map May Lead to Templars’ Treasures

It's gone already spent by family almost 60 years ago. Just after wwii. Once again I'd like to visit some of the places that you write about. There are, exceptions and they know Lucifer, other Spirit of God. Andreas, You're right.. And now I'm left wondering.. Who's Ned Kelly? Don't people go there with metal detectors? Jesse, unhappy with his desk job at the FBI, grew bored and fell back in with the Rogues.

He figured that if the government found out, he could claim that he was working undercover. As a show of faith, he and the Pied Piper tricked a wealthy businessman into wiring his fortune to the Mirror Master and jumping into the ocean. When the Trickster realized that Piper had in fact kept the man from dying and transferred the money to a charity, he blackmailed Rathaway into transferring the money to him instead. Jesse and Piper decided to work together to stay out of sight.

However, after a speech by Wonder Girl stressing the importance of capturing the Rogues, the two fled and decided and go their separate ways. Outside, they were shot by Multiplex and Deadshot. Ultimately Trickster and Piper were arrested and handcuffed together. However, the two escape, but still shackled together, they make their way to Gotham City. From there they are offered partial sanctuary by the Penguin.

Unfortunately, Penguin secretly works with the Suicide Squad and turn on the two. Piper and Trickster escaped again and only to be tracked by the Question and Batwoman.

Jesse James’ Secret Map May Lead to Templars’ Treasures | Daniel J. Duke

Piper and Trickster immediately begin to plead with the two heroes that they personally were not responsible for the death of Bart Allen. Batwoman quickly refuses to believe their innocence and is only concerned with bringing them to justice. The Question however, hears their story at which point Trickster used hand-puppets of themselves and the Flash to illustrate their innocence. Batwoman became furious at the disrespect that Trickster shows, and punches him unconscious. The Question however, believes their story, stating that they are "too stupid to kill time" and decides to let them go.

Trickster and Piper inadvertently made their way to Poison Ivy's greenhouse, and were captured. Deathstroke arrived and decided to use them as bait, planting a bomb on them. They are saved by the intervention of Wally West. The two manage to escape the wedding assault, inadvertently picking up Double Down as a passenger. The trio stop at a diner in which Trickster and Piper hear out from Double Down of lesser and well known villains being disappeared. The three are tracked down by the Suicide Squad. Double Down is captured, but Piper and Trickster fortunately hid themselves with Trickster's makeshift invisibility field.

The two then decide to follow the Squad while still using the invisibility field, and attempts to free the other captured villains. Once they arrived at their destination, Belle Reve , they encountered and free Two-Face , in which they learn from him that the villains are being exiled to a uncharted planet. At first the duo quickly decide to escape and offers Two-Face the chance in joining them, but he declines in a coin-flip. Later the two travel on train and after a valiant attempt to save their own lives, and an eventual acceptance of Pied Piper's sexual orientation, the Trickster is shot by Deadshot while trying to defend Pied Piper.

Piper is left alone with the corpse of Trickster attached to him still, and is lost in the Mexican desert with his dead companion. As Piper travels across the desert he starts to hallucinate in which that Trickster still talks to him.

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Piper eventually chops off the hand of Trickster after carrying his corpse as far as he can. While most of Trickster's body remained on Earth, his hand took the trip with Pied Piper to Apokolips. There, the hand fell into Apokolips after being separated from Piper. Rogues Gallery This character is or was a member of the Rogues , a loose collection of enemies to the Flash , in any of its various incarnations.