Honey and Lemon Drink Recipes (Beverage Recipes Book 8)

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Feel free to experiment and substitute Luxardo in other drink recipes calling for fruit liqueurs or brandy. At Everyman Espresso, they serve this sans alcohol, but feel free to add a splash of brown before stirring. Instead of lemon juice, you can use fresh grapefruit or orange juice; bourbon is a great sub for rye. This potent New Orleans nightcap is as much about the aromatic absinthe rinse as it is the Cognac and rye. Ginger, lime, and orange blossom add tropical flavors to this slightly spicy and pleasantly floral cocktail. At Clove Club, they use dandelion and burdock bitters in this winter warmer of a drink.

This drink is just as refreshing when made with gin, vodka, or rum, but there's nothing like the classic. They are fresh enough for Summer, and soothing enough for Winter. In order to keep the blog up and running this post may contain affiliate links, it will be at no extra cost to you, please read the disclosure for more information. We enjoyed a penicillin beverage at our local distillery recently. It was a fantastic combination of flavours!

Love your combination of flavours! I knew immediately after learning about the Penicillin that it was just what I wanted in a cocktail! Interesting g drink! The name was intriguing. I think whiskey needs something sweet and something sour to be consumed haha. This looks really delicious!

Thank you! You could sub whiskey and lemon juice with lemonade to make it a refreshing and non-alcoholic Summer drink! This looks super delicious. Well hubby does like scotch. And bourbon. I think I just might mix one of these up for a surprise on the weekend.

What makes this lemonade healthy?

This has to be so delicious. You are right using it on a cake would be tasty. I think I would use the syrup in lemonade. You could sub whiskey and lemon juice with lemonade to make it a refreshing and non-alcoholic Summer drink. And I will definitely need to make more ginger syrup to have in cakes and lemonades. Ginger, honey and Rosemary are some of my favorite ingredients.

7 Honey Cocktails to Start Your Buzz

Hi Rosemary. I do think it would work with vodka. Thank you. I absolutely love whiskey and ginger together — such a delicious combo! And honey sounds like the perfect sweetener. Whiskey and ginger is amazing together! Thank you so much, I hope you had a great St. I love a good whiskey cocktail and this sounds right up my ally! I love the ginger syrup for a little extra sweetness as well.

Sounds like the perfect combination to make anyone feel better sick or not:. I like whiskey but not neat! So, Iove the idea of this cocktail and that ginger syrup sounds delicious! Thank you so much.

Honey Sweetened Lemonade - Texanerin Baking

This reminds me of my late aunt who would often drink these types of mixed cold-fighting drinks. Now that I think about it, she might have been faking a cold just to get a drink. But, it always seemed to work for her. She was very rarely sick with a cold or a flu. I mean, it doesss contain honey and ginger so it ought to work. Whiskey cocktails are my favorite and I have yet to see one that uses ginger!

Totally agree with you. This is perfect for winter! I love how you spiced up these soothing flavours. Happily take cold medicine in this form. So I have no doubts that this cocktail is super delicious — it has all the secret ingredients! This is such a great way to get through the cold and recover quicker. I wish I found this recipe a bit earlier but, hey, it is great to have one handy in the future! At least now you know until next time. This looks so delicious! The weather is warming up and I just want to sip a glass of this outside in the sun!

The weather has been cold again here now, but I am so ready for sipping cocktails on the porch too! Never heard Penicillin cocktail before. But the recipe looks so interesting. I love the honey syrup and ginger syrup. Your photos are so inviting! This honey tea just looks so soothing, Maggie! I bet it sure helped you recover from your jetlag!!

LOVE that honey pouring shot! Glad to see you back at blogging even after a really rough week! I love that pour shot and you have amazing light in your new place in Austin. I think this would be really soothing beverage when your sick or even just the honey lemon marinated as a hot beverage, when you have a cold. Helps with the cough! Take Care.

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Congratulations on the move and your wedding! Your photos are getting more luscious by the day — how is that even possible? I love this!! I am definitely saving this! I will remember this, always! This is super interesting! I need to try this. I think the tea would be very warm and comforting during cold winter. I think this is a bit like the Korean yuzi tea, but maybe not as condensed. Yep, the hot lemon tea is a great drink for winter. Hope you enjoy the recipe! I love this idea, Maggie! Love this, and your gorgeous photos, too.

What a terrific soother to have on hand. Welcome to the US, Maggie. Be patient with yourself! Thanks so much for the kind words Marlene! This is definitely my go-to dish to make, to overcome the exhaustion from a trip or jet leg. What a soothing recipe, perfect to have on hand, Maggie. Love the photos, too. Welcome to the US. Having just returned from a month-long trip to 10 places around the world, I know how tough it is to get over jet lag. Plus you are settling into a new home. That honey pour shot looks like heaven!

This sounds like the perfect solution! Thanks for sharing. So glad to hear you like this drink Megan! I always keep this in my fridge and I add them a few spoons into my morning water.

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Can you let me know how long this will stay good in the fridge? Once it has marinated- would you say to use it withing weeks? Although I recommend you wash your lemons with vinegar as to eliminate as much pesticide from the rind as possible. When Marinating the lemons in honey is it done outside the fridge? I know you said for storage but I was wondering if it was for the whole process?