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On the very last day of camp, Rebecca performed background vocals on the song " I'm in Love with a Wonderful Guy " for a musical production of " South Pacific ". Afterwards Rebecca and Josh walked together towards the parking lot where their parents were to pick them up. Rebecca gushed about thier time together at camp which seemed to make Josh uncomfortable.

Group Retreat Weekends

She ignored her mother who had just arrived and was honking for her in her car. Rebecca instead focused on Josh and discussed keeping the relationship going long distance but he cut her off. Josh explained that he was going to be too busy with various school commitments to stay in contact with her.

Josh broke up with her feeling it wouldn't work since she was so dramatic and weird. Rebecca was stunned by his declaration and told Josh she loved him.

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However, he could only respond with a curt thank you before rushing off to reunite with his parents. Rebecca finally got into her mothers car and got a lecture about avoiding teenage pregnancy " Josh Just Happens to Live Here! Sign In Don't have an account?

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Send a kid to live among strangers in the freezing wilds of Maine, for two whole months, without any kind of explanation. Send a kid on a five-day canoe trip with no adult supervision except for a visibly stoned year-old who has never canoed.

Caught Smoking Weed at Summer Camp!? (CRAZY)

Stage the event in a brightly lit cafeteria so that all of his acne is visible. Keep him inside of the room for three straight hours.

Summer Camp at Adventure Park Academy | Crazy Park

Give the kid a Torah portion with a lot of high-pitched passages, which draw attention to his changing voice. Complain about the nutritional value of the food. When the kid denies his passion for show tunes, ignore all social cues and press the issue. A song from Evita?

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  5. Create a nightmare situation where the kid has no choice but to sing Evita , in front of everyone, with his weird, changing voice. When the kid is evasive, demand that he perform an excerpt from his Torah portion.

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    Remind him of all the tribulations Jews have suffered over the centuries, just so he could have the luxury of one-on-one religious training from a top-notch Augustan rabbi.