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They asked them if they had ever experienced the sudden urge to jump from a high place and simultaneously assessed their history of ideation, depressive symptoms , and abnormal mood episodes. They also calculated how sensitive to anxiety each participant was by asking how fearful they were of its physical symptoms, such as an elevated heartbeat and shortness of breath. In total, about one-third of their sample reported the urge.

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People with high anxiety sensitivity were more likely to have experienced the phenomenon. People with high anxiety sensitivity were also more likely to have higher ideation, and people with higher ideation were more likely to report the phenomenon. Interestingly, though, just over 50 percent of people who felt the urge had never had suicidal tendencies.

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Having higher anxiety sensitivity also increased the possibility someone with low ideation would report the phenomenon. Hames and her colleagues hazarded an educated guess.

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Maybe in these sensitive non-ideators there was a mix-up between the unconscious and conscious aspects of their mind, a sort of cognitive dissonance. Someone like that could be walking near the edge of a roof when, for whatever reason, a reflex to step back kicks in and they jolt away. Farther up the stairs, one can trace where the ancient stairs and processional path must have gone. As you walk imagine what it must have been like to have been in an ancient procession with colorful priests, musical instruments, and animals bearing the wood to burn the offering.

One thing is for sure, incense was probably part of the ancient form of worship.

Journey To The High Place of Sacrifice

Left: Obelisk near the mountain top. As you reach the top of the mountain you will come to what is known as Attuf Ridge. On this ridge are two obelisks, such as are found in India. They are carved out of solid rock and are over 6 meters high. They have been noted as Nabataean as one of them still has the typical Nabataean style of haching etching on the side that is protected from the prevailing winds. The picture on the right is taken from higher up looking down at the two obelisks.

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Notice how the mountain has been cleared away and a flat surface surrounds the obelisks. The Crusader Fort. On the north side of the Attuf Ridge is a huge pile of stones and the remains of an ancient wall.

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This is all that remains of an crusader castle. Often, as I have climbed through these ruins to continue up to the high place, I have wondered where the crusaders got all their stones from. Most certainly they came from the Attuf Ridge where the Nabataeans carved away the mountain side to make the Obelisks. But one does wonder what the Nabataeans used the stones for. What temple or structure stood on this site, and afforded the crusaders so many wonderful stones to build their fortress with? Some people find the high place disappointing, while others find it delighting.

A lot depends on how much you know about ancient worship.

HIGH PLACE (Hebrew, "bamah"; plural, "bamot"):

This high place has a large pool where rain water was collected and available for the priests. In front of the alter was a large open court Against the cliff are two alters. Seen on the left. Yes, it does rain in Petra! The alter on the far side may have been used for blood. As animals were sacrificed the blood was drained onto this altar. It appears to have run around the outside of the altar and then down the mountain.