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Any additional comments? I enjoyed Rosemary's story and was so grateful that she portrayed the same character throughout. I think the author did a great job unveiling her back story since we didn't know much about her. I listen to this book on audible, the narrator did a fantastic job bringing the story to life. Every story in this series talks about once out of six half-sisters that have to live and work together.

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Every story tells us more about one of them. It makes it more exciting to follow the story when you try to figure out who is the bad person is. In this story, besides villain who threatens Rosemary and her daughter safety, she has to have other worries. She gets a second chance in life to raise her child, but big question is she going not be a very good parent? Her mom is horrible, and she afraid to be similar to her.

Rosemary just does not realize that she is much better person that her mom is. Narrator was great. She had made all characters unique and gave each of them their own distinct personality. If was very entertaining to listen.

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Book 4 is fantastic. Love how each story takes a sister and tells her struggles or happy family story. This one involves Hero is Harrison Heroine is Rosemary. Rosemary gave her daughter away to a couple.

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Rosemary sees her daughter Cleo after nine years. Things are starting to get serious with little accidents that are happening. Rosemary is afraid that Cleo will be left alone again parentheses. Things start to get worse. Harrison is willing to help.

After a while Rosemary is wondering maybe Cleo is the one that is the villain is after. Harrison is willing to help,a Rosemary find the villain, then his love fore Rosemary can be shown. Will Harrison and Rosemary find out who is after them Grab it and find out Valerie did great work on this. She has done it all for this series. Her voice range is great. Strong and clear.

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Cleo is so adorable! I think the narration was top notch!

I would recommend this book to anyone! I was really excited for Rosemary and Harrison's story. I loved them through the series so this should have been a slam dunk. It just seemed to be lacking in the fun banter they have had through the other books. There was a but of it but they seemed more watered down.

Family Matters (a Dicarlo Brides Novel, Book 4) by Heather Tullis (Paperback / softback, 2013)

I like a bit a sassy banter in a relationship. Rosemary was very different than I expected. I liked her, she just seems more from from the outside looking in, I guess. Harrison is a great match for her, I just wish they were truer to their initial impressions.

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I thought they had a fun dynamic. I would have loved seeing the quips turn more playful rather than going away. This is a mixed narrative with a bonus POV. You get the two leads as well as young Cleo. It really gives for a fuller picture and brings you inside their insecurities.

There are a lot of insecurities!

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Adding to the confusion, Harrison Forest, head of the resort's human resources department, decides it's time to shift their relationship from semi-adversarial to something a whole lot more pleasant. They had briefly met years earlier, and though they had started off on the wrong foot, he hadn't been able to forget her. When Rosemary starts having mysterious 'accidents,' though, her worries shift from being a bad mother to leaving her daughter an orphan yet again.

Can they get past the roadblocks she's been throwing between herself and Harrison to make things work? More importantly, will she survive that long? Genre: Romance. Liar, Liar Lisa Jackson. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.