Swimming Against the Stream: Creating Your Business and Making Your Life

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Next in the story, two Swedes on bicycles approached you and you ran. I was awake, right? That was never the point. I was too drunk to speak English, too drunk to consent way before I was on the ground. I should have never been touched in the first place. If at any time I thought she was not responding, I would have stopped immediately. Someone else stopped you. How did you not notice while on top of me? You said, you would have stopped and gotten help.

I want to know, if those evil Swedes had not found me, how the night would have played out. Untangled the necklace wrapped around my neck? Closed my legs, covered me? Pick the pine needles from my hair?

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Asked if the abrasions on my neck and bottom hurt? Would you then go find a friend and say, Will you help me get her somewhere warm and soft? What would have happened to me? On top of all this, he claimed that I orgasmed after one minute of digital penetration. The nurse said there had been abrasions, lacerations, and dirt in my genitalia.

Was that before or after I came? To sit under oath and inform all of us, that yes I wanted it, yes I permitted it, and that you are the true victim attacked by Swedes for reasons unknown to you is appalling, is demented, is selfish, is damaging. It is enough to be suffering. It is another thing to have someone ruthlessly working to diminish the gravity of validity of this suffering.

My family had to see pictures of my head strapped to a gurney full of pine needles, of my body in the dirt with my eyes closed, hair messed up, limbs bent, and dress hiked up. And even after that, my family had to listen to your attorney say the pictures were after the fact, we can dismiss them. To listen to your attorney attempt to paint a picture of me, the face of girls gone wild, as if somehow that would make it so that I had this coming for me. To point out that in the voicemail, I said I would reward my boyfriend and we all know what I was thinking.

I assure you my rewards program is non transferable, especially to any nameless man that approaches me. He has done irreversible damage to me and my family during the trial and we have sat silently, listening to him shape the evening. The truth won, the truth spoke for itself. You are guilty. And I thought finally it is over, finally he will own up to what he did, truly apologize, we will both move on and get better.

You are very close. Assault is not an accident. Somehow, you still sound confused. Alcohol is not an excuse. Is it a factor? But alcohol was not the one who stripped me, fingered me, had my head dragging against the ground, with me almost fully naked.

The dream of swimming at home starts here.

Having too much to drink was an amateur mistake that I admit to, but it is not criminal. Everyone in this room has had a night where they have regretted drinking too much, or knows someone close to them who has had a night where they have regretted drinking too much. Regretting drinking is not the same as regretting sexual assault.

We were both drunk, the difference is I did not take off your pants and underwear, touch you inappropriately, and run away. You said, If I wanted to get to know her, I should have asked for her number, rather than asking her to go back to my room. Even if you did know me, I would not want to be in this situation. My own boyfriend knows me, but if he asked to finger me behind a dumpster, I would slap him.

No girl wants to be in this situation. You said, I stupidly thought it was okay for me to do what everyone around me was doing, which was drinking. I was wrong. Again, you were not wrong for drinking. Everyone around you was not sexually assaulting me. You were wrong for doing what nobody else was doing, which was pushing your erect dick in your pants against my naked, defenseless body concealed in a dark area, where partygoers could no longer see or protect me, and my own sister could not find me.

Sipping fireball is not your crime. Peeling off and discarding my underwear like a candy wrapper to insert your finger into my body, is where you went wrong.

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Why am I still explaining this. That was just my attorney and his way of approaching the case. Your attorney is not your scapegoat, he represents you.

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Did your attorney say some incredulously infuriating, degrading things? He said you had an erection, because it was cold. Campus drinking culture. Not awareness about campus sexual assault, or rape, or learning to recognize consent. Down with Jack Daniels. Down with Skyy Vodka. If you want talk to people about drinking go to an AA meeting. You realize, having a drinking problem is different than drinking and then forcefully trying to have sex with someone?

Show men how to respect women, not how to drink less. Drinking culture and the sexual promiscuity that goes along with that. Goes along with that, like a side effect, like fries on the side of your order. Where does promiscuity even come into play? Campus Sexual Assault. Rest assured, if you fail to fix the topic of your talk, I will follow you to every school you go to and give a follow up presentation.

A life, one life, yours, you forgot about mine. Let me rephrase for you, I want to show people that one night of drinking can ruin two lives. You and me. You are the cause, I am the effect. You have dragged me through this hell with you, dipped me back into that night again and again.

You knocked down both our towers, I collapsed at the same time you did. If you think I was spared, came out unscathed, that today I ride off into sunset, while you suffer the greatest blow, you are mistaken. Nobody wins. We have all been devastated, we have all been trying to find some meaning in all of this suffering. My damage was internal, unseen, I carry it with me. You took away my worth, my privacy, my energy, my time, my safety, my intimacy, my confidence, my own voice, until today.

See one thing we have in common is that we were both unable to get up in the morning. I am no stranger to suffering. You made me a victim. For a while, I believed that that was all I was. I had to force myself to relearn my real name, my identity.

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To relearn that this is not all that I am. I am a human being who has been irreversibly hurt, my life was put on hold for over a year, waiting to figure out if I was worth something. My independence, natural joy, gentleness, and steady lifestyle I had been enjoying became distorted beyond recognition. I became closed off, angry, self deprecating, tired, irritable, empty.

The isolation at times was unbearable. You cannot give me back the life I had before that night either. While you worry about your shattered reputation, I refrigerated spoons every night so when I woke up, and my eyes were puffy from crying, I would hold the spoons to my eyes to lessen the swelling so that I could see. I showed up an hour late to work every morning, excused myself to cry in the stairwells, I can tell you all the best places in that building to cry where no one can hear you.

The pain became so bad that I had to explain the private details to my boss to let her know why I was leaving. I needed time because continuing day to day was not possible.

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I used my savings to go as far away as I could possibly be. My life was put on hold for over a year, my structure had collapsed. I used to pride myself on my independence, now I am afraid to go on walks in the evening, to attend social events with drinking among friends where I should be comfortable being. It is embarrassing how feeble I feel, how timidly I move through life, always guarded, ready to defend myself, ready to be angry.

You have no idea how hard I have worked to rebuild parts of me that are still weak. It took me eight months to even talk about what happened. I could no longer connect with friends, with everyone around me. I would scream at my boyfriend, my own family whenever they brought this up. You never let me forget what happened to me. At the of end of the hearing, the trial, I was too tired to speak.

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I would leave drained, silent. I would go home turn off my phone and for days I would not speak. You bought me a ticket to a planet where I lived by myself. Every time a new article come out, I lived with the paranoia that my entire hometown would find out and know me as the girl who got assaulted. You made my own hometown an uncomfortable place to be. You cannot give me back my sleepless nights. Tim Waterstone.

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Synopsis About this title Waterstone's was one of the three most financially successful business start-ups of the s and, culturally, may be considered to have changed the complexion and scale of bookselling in the British isles and Europe. About the Author : Tim Waterstone opened the first Waterstone's bookshop in Buy New View Book. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Participants twist, kick and move up a storm for their cardio workout followed by specialized exercises for a total body workout.

Check unoaquatics. Sela Aquatics is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Come experience the difference at Aqua Tots Swim Schools. She brings plus years of coaching and swim lessons experience to the Tigers program. We value integrity, teamwork and the fulfillment of potential for personal health, family fun and community impact. The agreements establishing it came following the dissolution of the West Indies Federation which lasted from to Join LinkedIn Summary. Free Shipping on most items. You've discovered the Internet's premier Koi pond supply and source of quality Koi fish.

Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Equipment available at the pool includes kickboards, pull buoys, fins, and more. Sunrise yoga at 6 a. YLMSportScience infographics have now their own app! Tiger Aquatics strives to develop important life-skills for young swimmers. Elizabeth Winter has had a wide variety of experience working and leading in many different fields. President: Michelle Schroeder: tara taraclub. Ronald Ybarra, Aqua Source, Inc. Many EC meters nowadays automatically standardize the readings to 25 o C.

SELA Aquatics, our contract pool management service, will audit and test the lifeguards on a regular basis. That time of the year again where the kids want to be in the pool constantly, and we want our kids to be safe.

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  • Your Scouts will learn advanced aquatics, and these sessions will be taught in and around the lake. No return or exchanges are allowed on any customized apparel or team suits. UNO Aquatics. Whether you are a vet interested at working at VA or you're a Vet that already works here - VA for Vets will have something for you to find and advance your dream career. Morn is a Lurian, rumored to be the "Crown Prince of Luria" who after renouncing his throne, began frequenting every bar in the universe and is usually one of the best customers!

    Over varieties of tropical fish for sale. It is located along an expressway near the motorway and as far as I know of there is no public transport there, it is out on the Beckett's Farm, it is a poultry farm that also has a conference centre, restaurant, and retail units they lease to other businesses. Select an organization: Welcome to the Department of Kinesiology and Health Studies at Southeastern, one of the largest academic departments of its kind in Louisiana. Your gifts allow us to offer these opportunities locally while also helping us keep the activities fees minimal and widely available to all families.

    Register on their website and their experienced, certified instructors will contact you to schedule your lessons at a time that is mutually convenient. Cohesive family of dedicated and professional breeders. River on Saturday, July 21, from 5 p. But what you drink can have an enormous effect on your body and on your arthritis symptoms. At PetSmart, we provide everything you need to take care of pet fish, including a selection of live fish for sale in our aquatics section at each store. If you need an accommodation to fully participate in a program or service, please contact the Assistant of Director of Aquatics at or via e-mail by clicking here.

    Baby names with a water theme for inspiration. A simple click on the event name and Members can see all times the team has on record for their swimmer in that event. Ryan Avery. Robyn Barthel: Robyn selaaquatics. The key staff members will, in turn, train and supervise other staff personnel in your council camping program. The club will open on weekends during May and regular hours begin once the kids are out of school. Member Registration. Find contact's direct phone number, email address, work history, and more.

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    Facebook gives people the power to View the profiles of people named Abby Slattery. Choose one of the thousands addictive sela aquatics quizzes, play and share. Off-Campus Positions: There has been an increase in the number of job scams targeting students. Watersafe Swim School has a solid reputation in the local community for providing the highest quality lessons available.

    We believe safe swimmers are better swimmers. The Evolution of the Romulans - fairly complete gallery and commentary. Back to Login We're glad to have you as a new member! Please choose the location of your membership. Our records show it was established in and incorporated in Louisiana. Join Facebook to connect with Abby Slattery and others you may know. Categorized under Swimming Instructors. Click on each in the list below the map for more information. Visit us online today! This is a great opportunity for students or others with availability during the summer!

    The minimum age to work is 15 years old. For questions about the pool, swim lessons, swim team or pool parties, please contact PJ Jones at pj nojcc. He was an ally of the Titans. Archery Learn the proper way to safely shoot a bow and arrow. We also help people improve their health and well-being through education and community involvement.

    The Easterseals Rehabilitation Center offers driving evaluations, driver's training, and adapted equipment for individuals with disabilities and those whose driving abilities may be affected by medical conditions or age. If you are interested to find out what is new in sport sciences to improve your performance or your coaching strategies, this app will be perfect for you. They emphasize leadership, teamwork, and personal responsibility. The Department of Veterans Affairs is committed to adding and retaining Veterans to our workforce.

    What marketing strategies does Selaaquatics use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Selaaquatics. Rainforest Farms International sells high quality freshwater aquarium fish for sale online. SELA Aquatics offers a variety of training and certification sessions throughout the year.