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They witness a gypsy wedding.

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In an outburst of jealousy the salesman kills the groom and drives away, burning down the camp. The boy escapes and is found by the police.

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The events he saw took place ten years ago, at the time when he was brought to the orphanage. When his whole party gets lost in the jungle and dies from fever, his wife's pet bird leads him back to civilization.

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Sadly his wife also has perished. Beautiful Cambria is torn between two men. Unfortunately one of them is a werewolf stalking the english countryside of Cunliffe.

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In the end the werewolf lover gets stabbed to death. In an underground labyrinth some men fight hordes of half-human beings who yearn to tear them apart limb from limb. One of them escapes to safety with the girl. The site of evil is obliterated in a giant explosion.

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Benedict tries to get rid of Bill, who has won the heart of the girl they both love. He shouldn't have chosen a mysterious valley in the Guatemalan jungle for his assault. The goddess of vengeance residing there sentences him to lose his mind, while Bill gets the girl anyway.

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She falls in love with the man who turned her cemetery into an oil exploration field. Recognizing that she is a creature of evil, the husband chases her up the oil derrick and drives a knife through her heart.

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This house had been closed up for ten years, ever since the foul murder of wealthy Pierre de Briande Georgie, a circus freak, releases Dr. Kasper from his grave. Kasper performs plastic surgery to make Georgie appear normal.

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There's a price to pay. They both become werewolves and fight each other to the death. Matador Miguel makes a pact with the devil to become the champion bullfighter. When he desires more, the devil gets impatient, runs him down with a car and claims his soul.

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Composer Jonathan Purcell spends some days in a nice mansion next to Stonehenge. The druid stone monuments inspire him to write a "barbaric and wretched, unholy" music.

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When played, the druids come alive and perform human sacrifices at the altar of Stonehenge.