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These skills are called Locked Skills. Normally, you cannot upgrade nor obtain that certain skill.

The Palace furious with Camilla Parker-Bowles

In order to unlock a Locked Skill, you need to complete a series of quests for each skill. It is recommended to do these quests in a party as it is easier, takes less time, and consumes less stamina. The item requirements for quests other than Hyperactive and Transcendent skills involve items with guaranteed drop rates.

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Depending on whether you speak to Sven or Faendal first, there will be several options to help either of the two men win over Camilla's affection, with each path having 3 possible solutions:. At this point, you lie to Camilla by saying the letter indeed came from Sven, which will cause her to become angry and ask the Dragonborn to go tell Sven never to speak to her again.

Upon returning to Faendal, either at his house or near the lumbermill, he will reward the Dragonborn with The second choice thus is to tell Camilla the truth that the letter was from Sven and not Faendal.

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She will be shocked and will ask the Dragonborn to speak to Faendal and tell him what just happened. By doing so, Faendal will reward the Dragonborn with The Dragonborn will receive the same reward.

Sven will reward the Dragonborn with Suggestions Search In. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Do you want the PvP gear quest line to be obtainable by talking to Camilla?

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