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He's passionate about transparency, remote work, and open design. Outside of work, it's all about traveling, soccer, movies, and music. Filipa is passionate about web development, well written code and helping people. In her free time she loves spending time with her husband and their two cats, and wandering through the city to discover new corners.

She also loves the ocean and rainy days with a good book. Joe is an accomplished sales professional with experience in advertising, infrastructure and cloud platform technologies and has spent enough time on the command line to know how to break just about everything. In his free time Joe is avid snowboarder, yogi and non-fiction reader.

Hailing from the Great Plains of North Dakota, where winters are colder than Antarctica it feels like and accents are less noticeable than the movie Fargo. Kyla has seven years of experience in the computer technology field, where she prides herself on business development and management consulting. Prior to joining the GitLab team, Kyla acquired most of her experience working at a multinational technology company, where she dedicated much of her time to the cloud platform and infrastructure.

Outside of work she enjoys traveling the world, attending sporting events, and spending summers at the lake with family and friends. GitLab's slice of North Dakota nice. Elsje has worked in IT sales and marketing for most of her career and was freelance for many years providing inside sales support to software companies. Elsje lives in west Cornwall in the UK with her husband, two girls, two dogs, and cat with a view of the sea and St Michael's Mount from her office window. James has been developing games and websites since childhood and studied Computer Science at university.

He taught on a coding bootcamp in London, gaining a deeper understanding of the Ruby language to help answer unusual questions. From Pennsylvania Amish country comes an avid technologist, serial mentor and community evangelist. Previously working as a distribution manager for a thin client company, Jason brings his expertise in packaging for Linux along with a strong desire to produce tools for the community that has changed his life.

A California native currently exploring the South, Emily's SoCal accent has proved surprisingly resilient. She has worked as a journalist in multiple formats, including long form pieces for The Atlantic and data-driven explainers at Graphiq. Recreationally, she enjoys podcasting, disappearing down internet rabbit holes, and getting out on the water for an early morning row. Clement is passionate about technology and startups. He continually seeks out new ways to improve his skillset and finds satisfaction in building intuitive technology products that people can use to improve their lives.

Lee is passionate about the intersection of Leadership and Technology. If he's not on the Internet, he's probably playing Magic: The Gathering, riding a bike, or in the Techno club. Ian has been interested in computers from an early age. Both making them do things, and figuring out why they do other things. His professional career has been mostly systems oriented, with an occasional foray into the software development world. In his spare time, he enjoys brewing and drinking beer, trying new restaurants, and exploring Minnesota.

Cindy is a software developer who is passionate about open source. She previously worked as an upstream contributor and has taught robotics to elementary and high school students. She enjoys programming in python and lurking on IRC. On her spare time, she enjoys photography, traveling, indoor gardening, and walking her dog. Kushal is full-stack JavaScript aficionado. When not writing code, he loves cooking Indian food, flashing Android custom ROMs, exploring Linux distros, watching gadgets on YouTube, playing acoustic guitar, movies, and a short road trip to a hill nearby.

Jose Ivan is a software developer with a passion for all things technology and programming. With a thirst to improve his own skills and knowledge, either coding or reading he won't stop looking for ways to create software. In his free time he likes to play videogames, drive around on his car, cooking barbeques and reading about new tech. A self-proclaimed word nerd with a special fondness for 90s adventure games, Rebecca is on a mission to bring GitLab content to a wider audience.

Outside of work, she's probably queueing at one of London's latest hipster restaurant openings. Sarah is interested in how users think, feel and behave when interacting with products. She's passionate about using research to design brilliant user experiences and to create successful products.

Advances in Electrophysiological Research

Sarah loves spending time outdoors and is happiest with her dogs by her side. She also enjoys reading, collecting vinyls and is an avid foodie. You will find James managing your account to ensure you get the most out of products now and going forward. When not plugged-in, he is most likely cycling, functional training, spending time with family, and often staying up too late. Balu is from Kerala, southern most part of India and is passionate about anything related to Freedom and Privacy. He has been contributing to different Free Software and language computing communities for quite some time, especially in Packaging he is currently a Debian Developer , Software Development, Localization, and Evangelism.

Other than a computer geek, he is mainly a procaffinator and a bibliophile. He enjoys reading and sometimes even writing poetry too. Matija is a software engineer from Belgrade, Serbia. His definition of a good time is evangelizing technology supplemented by sublime food and the sound of mechanical keyboards clicking in the background. Harish lives in Jacksonville, Florida, and loves spending his time with his beautiful wife and two daughters. Most of the time he spends off the computer is spent reading, exercising, watching movies, and visiting awesome places.

He loves traveling and has developed the itch to explore new places. Thankfully he works at a company awesome enough to encourage this! Originally from South Africa, Collen is a Ruby on Rails developer with a background in enterprise software sales and freelance tech journalism. He is fascinated with how great software is made and the positive impact it can have on our professional and personal lives.

In his free time he reads a lot , travels, and takes average photos. Toon's interest in electronics and computers started when he was a young boy. He learned how to solder using broken circuit boards his father replaced while repairing televisions. Over the years the interest in computer kept on growing. Most of the time Toon lives inside Emacs typing code on one of his mechanical ergonomic keyboards.

Although living in the city of beer where she was also born Jarka spent almost 4 years in Switzerland and still loves that country. She's had experience with different programming languages and started loving Ruby immediately after she tried it for the first time. In her free time she tries to do a lot of sports, loves hiking especially in mountains , traveling around the world or reading books. Xiaogang is based in Beijing, China where he has been living for more than 20 years. His whole career has been dedicated to software tooling, with various roles, from SCM support specialist to solution architect.

Xiaogang has deep experience on software build acceleration and software production automation. He loves traveling, especially around places steeped in history, and enjoys a variety of foods. A proven Senior Executive leading Sales teams with an impressive track record of driving net new revenue and market share growth for Fortune and private venture backed technology companies.

Mark enjoys traveling the world with his wife and enjoying the almost perfect outdoor weather in Southern California. Oswaldo started his engineering journey back in at a research center playing with a metadata extraction library. Since then, passionate about the field, he kept writing Ruby and JavaScript code on a variety of projects.

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While he is not on VIM editor, he likes watching TV series with his girlfriend, reading and playing tough games. In his teenage years he spent time working on a variety of coding projects and assembling his own computers. He developed a love for product management 6 years ago, while working on a solution in the mobile productivity space.

When not spending time with his family or working on technology, he tries to get out skiing and playing tennis. Prior to working at GitLab, he worked at Gitter transforming the way developers communicate about their open source projects. In his spare time, he enjoys flipping hardware bits on a FPGA and exploring new ways to improve the developer experience.

Now living in Berlin, Germany, he's a contributor to the Prometheus monitoring system. Married with two kids, he spends what little spare time he has tinkering with machine-learning, building contraptions of questionable usefulness. Away from technology, his passions are travel, photography, motorcycling and the great outdoors. Peter has been working in the DevOps space for the past three years. His mission is to capture the customer's vison then bring that vison to reality and help them achieve ultimate success. In his spare time, he enjoys working on his golf game, playing hockey, and hiking with friends.

He also loves traveling to new places and taking in the local culture. Simon is a self-described web worker based in the coffee capital of the world. He enjoys learning languages, and exploring what browsers are capable of. Outside of devtools, he mostly alternates between reading, listening to music, walking his dog, and some light typing. A passionate agilist after years of living in a waterfall world, Adam's professional passion is selling in to and collaborating with Senior Leadership at Enterprise organizations.

His goal is simple - focus on making their teams and company more effective, while empowering them to make and meet their commitments to the business. Outside of work Adam is a family man. Throughout my life I've been passionate about technology and software. This started when I was 12 years old and my father brought home a Timex computer. That was a major upgrade. All these years later I'm still interested in software. I joined GitLab to help others improve the way they make software. What a great way to make a living. John lives in Colorado "Where the mountains touch the sky and rivers bend" as sung by the a Colorado band called The Samples.

John has worked with top-tier companies for agile transformation and DevOps. In his sparetime, John can be found on an ice rink either playing or coaching his son and daughter who play competitive hockey. Adam has spent the majority of his career history in high-demand healthcare environments and has built a strong set of skills in Support, Systems Administration and DevOps.

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It is his passion to work on the frontline of large scale distributed web applications and to reduce workload through automation, documentation and process improvement. Adam feels most at home inside a bash terminal surrounded by open source software. My passion is delivering real business value with measurable results, not just generating software revenue. Focused on spending as much time as possible with family 4 kids and friends. Bob has a keen eye for the good stuff.

He's always on the lookout for software that looks nice and gets out of the way. Since he has been developing web apps and backends in Ruby on Rails that match his own expectations. Preferably on a mech keyboard that sounds as beautiful as it looks. He listens only to the best of books and reads the greatest music or vice versa while roaming between Belgium and Poland. Firm believer in the standing desk, having a beard and learning by living.

At Puppet, he brought in new customers and built a sales team for the Public Sector organization. Paul enjoys assisting government customers solve problems with innovative software. Prior to working with Puppet, He served in a number of sales roles for VMware. He enjoys playing football and basketball, coaching his children's football and basketball teams, and spending his weekends with his family.

Vitaliy is a software developer from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Sakhalin, Russia. Before Vitaliy became a full-time software developer, he administrated Linux systems related to science, banking, and software development. Simon joins GitLab from Workshare, where he helped companies collaborate more effectively with each other. He's interested in helping clients achieve their business goals by leveraging software. In his spare time, he enjoys family time with his new son, getting out in nature and personal development. Kristen has over 15 years of experience in technology sales and most recently leading a national team selling software and services for agile transformations.

Her passion and mission is to drive customer success through the entire customer journey from early understanding the complex problems companies are challenged with, through implementation, adoption and optimization, but most of all to ensure that our customers receive maximum business value from the GitLab platform with a premium experience. When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her family outdoors in beautiful Colorado. Based in Ireland, Conor is a sales professional with a wealth of IT knowledge and experience having previously worked in several of the world's largest Tech multinationals.

In his personal time Conor is and avid traveller who enjoys exploring new cultures and foods. Chloe has dedicated her career to providing a fantastic customer experience and is excited to help GitLab grow. Outside of work, she takes a lot of pictures of her cats and watches a lot of television. She attended her first Star Trek convention when she was one-year-old, and it has been a slippery slope ever since.

Brent enjoys learning new technology and working with both technical and non technical clients to help solve their problems. Jameson has taken a leap into the tech industry after transferring from newspaper sales. He is an outdoorsy graduate of IU, a Nintendo fanboy and an animal lover. Tim started building websites professionally 18 years ago as a full-stack engineer.

Through his career, he has built online games, Websites, mobile apps for music festivals, and complete online banking solutions. In the last years he focused on Javascript and Unity3D.

Learning about Emergent Learning, Part 1

Tim enjoys hanging out with his wife, playing football, supporting his favorite football club "SK Rapid Wien", doing water sports scuba diving, kayaking, fishing except swimming , and playing video games with friends. Fortunately, he has since switched to Ruby. He strives to leave it better than he found it, whether it is a codebase or the local park. When Winnie started programming in Turbo Pascal 7 , it was because his games didn't fit on a single floppy disk and he needed to split them.

Since then, web development has changed a lot but Winnie didn't lose his interest in it. In case there is no computer in front of him, he enjoys gardening and playing board games. I have been in software sales for more than 20 years. My responsibility here at GitLab is to generate revenue and help fuel our growth.

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  • I do so by helping enterprises to enhance how they respond to change. I have 3 kids and John is an experienced IT specialist who is passionate about the customer experience. Having graduated with a degree is Political Science and Philosophy, John has done a great job of not putting that to any use. Outside of work, John is passionate about boardgames, wine, hockey and his family not necessarily in that order.

    Jeffrey has nearly a decade of experience leading sales teams in developing value add approaches to initiate conversations within target markets and accounts. Chenje is a software developer with a strong passion for sharing knowledge and is always working towards improving ease of access to this knowledge for all. In his spare time, Chenje enjoys watching a good game of rugby, travelling as well as action sports and wildlife photography.

    David is also an accomplished ultramarathon trail runner with 31 finishes including M 29hrs! Connect with David at dt gitlab. Shinya is an Inspection System engineer who is good at hardware integration. He also likes competiting on programming contests. Once he met a tough problem, he won't be satisfied until he has found the solution.

    In his free time, he enjoys composing original music and covering famous songs. Curiosity first led Victor to software development, a drastic but happy change early in his career path. After discovering agile practices, he achieved personal nirvana. Victor has worked in different organizations in testing, quality assurance, agile coaching, and most recently, solution engineering. He enjoys continuous learning of different technologies, stacks, and practices.

    An evangelist at heart, he advocates best solutions and practical approaches to big challenges. Originally from Mexico City, Mexico, he is an Agile, Lean, and DevOps enthusiast; a husband, father to three boys, a wanna-be artist, sci-fi geek, travel-hungry, and perennially curious. Matt has been in technology and software sales for 10 years with an emphasis on continuous innovation. His passion for the outdoors has led him to be an advanced mountain and river guide.

    You'll often find him fly fishing high mountain streams and lakes while taking notes for an upcoming fly fishing book. John has been an enthusiastic computer nerd going all the way back to his first computer, a TRS model I. After studying electrical engineering at university he went on to become an devops lead at a startup, academia, and then a big company.

    Eventually deciding to spend time in Europe, he is now living in Slovenia where he continues to travel and enjoy the many wonderful things the city of Ljubljana has to offer. In addition to having fun working at Gitlab, John enjoys hacking on tiny electronics and playing with the latest languages and frameworks.

    When he isn't working in front of screen he is spending his free time teaching people to dance, learning Slovenian and noodling on his guitar. Jamie has been representing technology companies for the past decade. While she enjoys advising on a wide array of legal and compliance topics, she is passionate about providing guidance on product development, not only from a legal perspective, but also from a business viewpoint, having earned her J. D and M. Jamie lives in the Twin Cities with her husband and four children, but she will always consider Chicago her home.

    When not working, Jamie enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and trying out new restaurants. Since joining GitLab she has also renewed her love for stickers and has an ongoing collection of Tanukis on her laptop. He loves building things that people all over the world use, and considers himself lucky to be able to work for a living at what he loves doing. His specialties are simplifying the complex, patience, and hiring. Larry is an experienced entrepreneur and venture capitalist who enjoys helping fellow entrepreneurs build their companies. He is primarily interested in helping early stage startups build their business plan, raise funding, and recruit a team.

    He specializes in Open Source strategy and business models that leverage Open Source. Alessio received his first computer when he was 8yrs old, nobody in his family knew how to use it but Alessio looked so happy with his new toy. Time passed and Alessio's room started to look more like a lab than a proper child room. Lots of his adolescence nights were spent coding and playing online games. After the university he worked as a software engineer but he always had production engineering tasks also.

    If not on a computer you may find him with his family, playing some board games or trying to fix gardening problems in his backyard.

    Joel is an enterprise-level problem solver passionate about seeing customers succeed with software projects. When he's not at a computer, he enjoys hiking, rehabbing homes, sports cars and spending time with family. He lives with his Wife and two German Sheperd Dogs and likes to read and hike in his spare time. He enjoys music and shares his passion with his family and friends. He always tries to be friendly and forgiving, and loves to discuss about anything. Jacie is a Nebraska native currently exploring what Utah has to offer.

    She has worked in recruiting since the start of her career. Other than that she enjoys reading, loves to travel, is a yoga enthusiast and hour RYT, and tries to spend as much time with family and friends as possible. Nico has over 20 years of software and technology sales experience working with Fortune clients. He was drawn to GitLab the technology due to its ability to help clients deliver faster with one integrated platform. He was drawn to GitLab the company for its culture and values. Davin has been interested in technology since his first multiplayer game had networking problems. He enjoys experimenting with different technologies and is always engaged in one project or another.

    Cristine is serious about billing and billing related fields, spending almost all of her free time keeping up and learning new advanced billing techniques. Recently she has been studying addition, useful when you need to combine multiple numbers into one! Outside of work, Cristine is a dedicated Ashtanga yoga practitioner and she can be found every morning on her mat.

    James began programming at a young age and studied Computer Science before moving to product management six years ago. Outside of work he enjoys cycling, wine, and jazz. He still enjoys programming and regularly tinkers with new languages and tools. Chris has spent most of his career building overly-complex solutions which integrate multiple applications that probably had no business being integrated, so he is looking forward to working on boring solutions.

    Outside of work, he can be found playing softball or flag football on the National Mall in D. Alex has spent the majority of his career in Support, System Administration working for a variety of employers in size and business function. He has seen how the sysadmin role is changing and working for GitLab will allow him to immerse into these technologies. David is a solution software sales professional with over 20 years of consistently exceeding business objectives including - bookings, revenue, and customer satisfaction with F companies.

    Trusted advisor with high character that delivers value to customers, partners, and company. Keen understanding of all sales processes including accurate forecasting and leveraging all technology-based tools. Chris has been a technology sales professional since and the past 12 years focused on providing Software Developments Solutions to clients.

    Located in Colorado, Chris loves mountain biking, hiking and just being outdoors. He has a wife and two young boys, Cameron 5 and Calvin 1. Joining September 18th. Prior to GitLab, Eric is the veteran of 4 enterprise technology startups. He specializes in building great teams and scaling rapidly. He believes in the servant leadership model and staying cool under pressure. When not at work he's either exercising or spending time with his wife and two young daughters. Lanice is new-ish to the tech scene and has found a passion helping others through technology. She is kicking off her career in business development, using tech to solve problems.

    In her free time, Lanice likes to travel and explore different cities and cultures. Fran has been programming for more than 20 years in several disciplines of computer science. After using many different programming languages he fell in love with Rails since Rails 2. When not working, Fran enjoys spending time with family, reading about new tech and playing video games. Aric is a support engineer with a backgrouond in linux system administration. He loves to learn and is always looking to expand his knowledge base.

    When not working, Aric can be found traveling, exploring the outdoors, or watching football with his wife and son. Prior to joining GitLab, William's career focused on marketing to technical buyers at companies like Twilio and Digium, the sponsor of open source Asterisk. Outside of work, you can find William cooking, taking walks, and playing video games with his wife and three children. Jim Torres has been working with data and technology for more than 20 years.

    He has extensive experience in helping reseller development worldwide and increasing customer adoption of new and existing technology to advance business value. Jim has worked in several startups as well as established companies such as GE Digital and has experience with multiple markets such as Finance, Telecom, Healthcare and Industrial to name just a few. Jim works effectively to provide value to all markets, customers and resellers.

    Mayra also happens to love programming, she values clean, well-crafted code created through best practices and patterns over anything else. Proud Mexican and cat enthusiast, in her spare time Mayra enjoys geeky stuff in general like books, movies, TV series and of course, cats. Brendan has a passion for software development and iterating on processes just as quickly as we iterate on code. He is a zealous advocate for the user experience. Brendan can still remember what his first computer - a Tandy - felt like to use and break Brendan has worked with a wide range of customers - from the nation's top healthcare institutions to environmental services companies to the Department of Defense.

    The only thing more eclectic is probably his taste in music. Outside of work, you'll find Brendan with 1 to 4 kids hanging off of him at any given time or occasionally finding a moment alone to build something in his workshop. He's always working on something, so you can usually find him in front of the keyboard.

    Jesse loves helping businesses achieve their goals through creative use of intelligent software solutions. Prior to joining GitLab, Nadia ran a small recruiting agency, mostly working with International companies and specifically passionate about remote working. When she's not working, she is hiking with her family, running or taking her Scott Spark 29'er for a spin! Takuya is a software engineer specializing in digital transformation from Tokyo, Japan. He focuses on keeping GitLab easier to contribute, as well as fixing bugs and adding features.

    JP communities. As of May , they have reached more than 1, members. He is also one of the Cloud Native Ambassadors of Cloud Native Computing Foundation to encourage developers to adopt a cloud native computing paradigm for various kinds of applications and systems. Hannah is a technology sales professional who is passionate about introducing new solutions that help her customers deliver amazing results and in turn help organizations drive business value.

    Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family outdoors in beautiful Colorado and trying her hand at any recipe she sees. Prior to joining CEE, Monica was an assistant professor of higher education and community college leadership at Old Dominion University. She also served as co-investigator for three Department of Defense Education Activity grants and was recognized by Student Engagement and Enrollment Services for her teaching and service.

    At CEE, Esqueda continues to explore and build upon her research and teaching expertise, which include the conditions and contexts that promote access, wellbeing and success across secondary and postsecondary learning environments; undergraduate and graduate student development; underserved student populations; research design; and quantitative and mixed method research.

    Field Study 3 Episode 1: Library

    Lisa Garcia currently works in University of California Undergraduate Admissions as an analyst providing guidance to University administrators and faculty leaders on transfer admission policies and initiatives. She began her career in the undergraduate admissions office at University of California, Los Angeles, where she worked closely with administrative leaders on special projects, admissions, outreach, and enrollment planning. He is also an adjunct faculty member in the UW College of Education. His training as an educational researcher and experience in institutional research and student affairs instilled in him a commitment to effective research and assessment to inform educational practice.

    Jarrett Gupton has dedicated his academic and research career to educational equity and access to education for the most at-risk in society. His research focuses on low-income students and issues of access and equity in higher and postsecondary education. His work highlights the ways in which social, cultural and political structures constrain and enable educational equity and opportunity. It also serves as a methodological example of how to employ innovative qualitative research techniques to improve social policy. Gupton holds degrees in philosophy and political science from Arizona State University and a PhD in urban educational policy from the University of Southern California.

    Handbook of Critical and Indigenous Methodologies - SAGE Research Methods

    Ronald Hallett is a research associate at the Pullias Center. Elizabeth Holcombe is a research associate at the Pullias Center. Karri A. Holleyis a professor of higher education at The University of Alabama. Her research interests include organizational change in higher education, graduate and doctoral education, interdisciplinarity and qualitative inquiry.

    She teaches courses for masters and doctoral level students on organization and governance, curriculum development and qualitative inquiry; several doctoral dissertations for which she served as chair have gone on to win institutional awards as well as recognition from professional associations. She is currently the recipient of the prestigious Hellman Fellowship, a distinguished research grant and fellowship bestowed upon early career scholars showing great distinction in their field of research.

    As a result of receiving the fellowship, she deferred her faculty appointment at UC Irvine. Alexander Jun is a professor of higher education at Azusa Pacific University. He teaches PhD courses in diversity and social justice, as well as advanced qualitative research methods. Jun is an associate editor of the Journal of Behavioral and Social Sciences.

    Michael Lanford is a postdoctoral research associate at the Pullias Center. Vicente Lechuga received his doctorate of education from the University of Southern California in Lechuga teaches graduate level courses in higher education administration, higher education policy and diversity issues in postsecondary institutions. She was also the Mason state council rising star nominee in Mari Luna De La Rosa has a variety of professional experience in higher education, including studying pathways to a college education for low-income students, administering financial aid services, and conducting institutional research.

    However, as the study will describe, the importance of the relationship between a practice and its environment--the "outside" of the practice--is often underestimated by outside observers Sign in to download the full article. Please sign in or create a FREE account. You need a Customers. Please sign in or purchase a subscription. Sign in if you are a Service member, or contact us for more information.

    Sign In Sign Up About. Forum Articles Books Training Consulting. Research Questions and Methods The questions that interested us most were these: What is it that makes the AAR discipline deliver the kind of results the U. Army considers to be instrumental to its evolution as an institution? What must organizations in the civilian sector do to successfully adopt AARs as a learning practice? What light might the Army's best practice shed on the underlying principles for success in any discipline aimed at learning through experience? You must be a member to comment. Sign in or create a free account.

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