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Cities of Refuge - Joshua The Altar Beside the Jordan - Joshua Joshua's Farewell - Joshua The Israelites Forget God - Judges Ehud the Judge - Judges Deborah Leads Israel - Judges An Angel Talks to Gideon - Judges Gideon and the Fleece - Judges Gideon Attacks the Midianites - Judges Abimelech Makes Himself King - Judges Samson is Born - Judges Samson's Marriage - Judges Samson Fights the Philistines - Judges Samson and Delilah - Judges Ruth Meets Boaz - Ruth Boaz Marries Ruth - Ruth Hannah Dedicates Samuel - 1 Samuel The Ark of God is Captured - 1 Samuel The Ark Returned to Israel - 1 Samuel Freedom From the Philistines - 1 Samuel The Israelites Want a King - 1 Samuel Samuel Anoints Saul - 1 Samuel Saul is Made King - 1 Samuel Saul Rescues His People - 1 Samuel Samuel Resigns as Judge - 1 Samuel King Saul Offers a Sacrifice - 1 Samuel Jonathan Attacks the Philistines - 1 Samuel Saul Disobeys God - 1 Samuel The Book of Mormon version says they do not stay themselves upon the God of Israel.

This discrepancy is most likely a scribe error passing into the King James Bible. Nephi adds 48 words to verse 1, saying that the House of Israel is broken off, driven out and scattered abroad because of the wickedness of the pastors and my people. As you study, ask yourself, who made each change and what are they trying to tell us? These other discussion topics are at the end of the lesson plan; the first one is on symbols used by Isaiah. The second one is the definition of waiting on the Lord. So I often have one of these other discussion topics up my sleeve, just in case.

Your job in the Come, Follow Me format is to be a discussion facilitator. Whatever discussion emerges from any of the study groups is exactly right for your group. John Bytheway joins Darryl to explore the meaning of hearkening and other gems within Isaiah…. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Search Isaiah. Discover Discover with Darryl Resources Downloads.

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