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This is important to consider in your edit, because the way in which a decision is made, presented or changed through the edit, can dramatically alter the way in which we perceive the character. What will happen to the characters and story in your film if you can make the characters do more and say less? Anyway, this is a great lesson in the power of editing raw footage into a believable performance. This supercut of some of the inventive transitions used in Stranger Things 2 , gives you a good sense of how both audio and picture can be artfully used to blend between scenes, often leaving the scene at the height of an emotional peak, so that the peaceful opening of the next scene is where you get your breath back.

For some further inspiration on transitions and post-produced effects, check out this breakdown of the Watchtower of Turkey video , you probably saw a couple of years back. Editors Note — The YouTube video above does work, for some reason the thumbnail is broken?!

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In this episode of the much imitated Every Frame a Painting , you can also see similar transitional elements at play in the work of Edgar Wright. These include match cuts, audio ramps and a whole bunch of other things, that not only convey a greater amount of plot information, characterisation and story to the audience, they do so in a more entertaining and engaging way.

Just like all those transitions in the Stranger Things 2 supercut, above. Now many of these have to be planned for in production, but you can always add some in post, where you can. Check out this post for some other great filmmaking video essays. These final two video essays consider the same aspect of both cinematography and editing; that of handling eye trace within the frame and across the cut. The size of each dot represents the length of time they have held fixation.

Apr 18, Eden Bailey rated it really liked it. Really insightful, technical read on editing method. Feb 21, Meredith rated it it was amazing. Liked it a lot! I especially liked his rules. I didn't really get a lot out of his examples from scripts, but I suspect that's because it's hard to translate to the written word. Jan 30, VampireNovelFan rated it really liked it Shelves: video-editing , reference.

While a bit dated, I liked that it was such a resourceful book that you could practically fit into your pocket. Unfortunately, actual film as as opposed to digital film does not apply to me. I like that they make is simple by listing the rules. You don't feel as if you have to read everything in depth. While that's not my biggest purpose with film editing, it has a helpful ending when it comes to editing scripts. Cut in the movement and keep ev While a bit dated, I liked that it was such a resourceful book that you could practically fit into your pocket.

Cut in the movement and keep everything continuous. Sometimes that will actually require removal of frames, but it does wonders for flow. Many say that this book is a must own, but I actually found a good deal of these tips in other texts. I definitely wouldn't knock having this book, because it's actually good to analyze it and realize what you will or won't need and why as the art and technology of editing evolves.

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View 1 comment. Jun 02, Marcus Ionis rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction-post-production.

The Science Behind Film Editing

Prior to the 90s, there were few and far between of books about editing. Most involved with the mechanics but even fewer discussed the art. Dmytryk whom was an experienced editor laid out the rules and thought process involved. Even though some of these are discussed by Eisenstien and others.

He's summoned up and condensed previous authors into his own philosophy. Regardless, what he explains are the core basics of story telling, manipulation of performance and juxtaposition. Even though I had r Prior to the 90s, there were few and far between of books about editing.

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Even though I had read this book 15 years ago, sometimes being reminded of the basics brings you back to your center. Nov 13, Josh rated it it was amazing Shelves: film-history-and-theory , filmmaking , my-books , non-fiction. If you have any interest in editing, or even a general deeper understanding of filmmaking, this book should be required reading.

It can be hard to find and a bit expensive to buy, but it is certainly worth it. Here, classical Hollywood legend Edward Dmytryk gives us theory to back up his editing techniques. He gives specific examples from his films, and even if you haven't seen them, it still makes sense.

Mar 23, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: filmmaking. This book isn't going to tell you how to edit if you have no editing experience. It's going to expand on editing theory and give some specific examples of problems and how to solve them. It's a book that you definitely want to read and keep in your library. Jul 29, James rated it really liked it.

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Would be much better with illustrated examples - you have to visualize a lot as you read. Jan 14, Emon Hassan rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction. Great book! Mar 03, Chris rated it really liked it. Short and concise, and far more practical than Walter Murch's books. Jan 20, Travis rated it it was amazing.

Cutting It In Hollywood – Book Review

Use just the part of the clip that has the action you need. Use an in-between size like a mid shot to bring the viewer with you.

If you have to cut similar shot sizes together, use another shot to hide the join. A shot should stay on screen long enough for people to understand it, but not so long that they get bored. Closeups, simple shots, and shots without any action or movement, can be short.

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Long shots, extreme long shots, and any shots with detail will need to be on screen for longer. Check that the pace is consistent. Does your scene show continuous action, or one short space of time? You should use cuts , where the shot goes straight into the next one.