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Using bruised berries, that last little bit of buttermilk in the container, and a scoop of tahini will make you feel both resourceful and well fed. The liquid is really up to you. Nut milks add body and protein, but if you prefer something sweeter, try juice. Less heavy? Go with coconut water.

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Lassis are the silkiest drinks around. And this version, packed wtih mangoes, peaches, and ginger, is the fruity, creamy morning drink you've always dreamed of. This power-breakfast smoothie will be extra smooth if you soak the nuts and oats in water overnight; drain before proceeding. Coconut milk makes this smoothie deeply, deeply satisfying.

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Swap in raspberries or blackberries for the blueberries depending on how you're feeling that morning. This summery blend is ready for pool-side sipping.

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It's also ready in about 45 seconds, for those warm mornings when you're wishing you were by the pool but are actually on your way to work. Grate orange zest overtop this smoothie to add an unexpected hit of citrus to an otherwise simple smoothie. The volume of juices sold in the UK every year. Enough to fill Olympic swimming pools. Total value of smoothies sold every year in the UK.

Purging the pulp means juices lack most insoluble fibres. Normally known for their antioxidant qualities these compounds, found in your freshly pressed apple juice, also have proven fat-fighting benefits.

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Drop half a peeled grapefruit into your next smoothie mix, blend and down post-workout to reap this DOMS-destroying supplement. By pressing fruit more slowly the stainless steel screw is able to squeeze even more nutrients from every piece of fruit.

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This smooth operator will blend your berries at break-neck speed — with its blades spinning at 38,RPM, your concoction will be ready in just a shake. View your glass half full. Type keyword s to search.

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